My Yoga Experience

This guest post is from a dearly close family member of mine who is a wonderful woman. We all go through things we wouldn’t expect. She tells you in a short, brief story what yoga has and is doing for her, Mentally and Physically. I hope this helps you and interest you into taking up yoga and living a more wholesome life. The great thing about yoga is it is for men, women all ages.


[noncount] 1: a system of exercises for mental and physical health
▪ She teaches yoga.▪ a yoga class/instructor

2:Yoga: a Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling the body and mind.


The dictionary definition of Yoga does not begin to explain what happens when you practice Yoga. I never realized the wealth and  benefits of Yoga until I had a serious illness and was unable to exercise for  a year. I had always been a gym person-(not that I particularly enjoyed the gym), but it kept me in good health over the years as I aged gracefully. I would have told you I was one of the healthiest 59 years old I know before my illness.

When I emerged from my medicated , deteriorated state, I knew I had to get back to exercise but did not want the harsh regime of gym machines. I joined a Yoga studio about 6 mos. Ago. I was very weak with no muscle tone and quite depressed as well.

The first thing that happens in Yoga class is that you bring yourself into the room by concentrating on your breathing. How often do you think about your breathing? It just happens on its own. In Yoga you Learn to breathe properly, which improves your health immediately. The other thing it does is helps you to focus on the present moment instead of worrying about what you did before class or what you are doing after. When you get connected to the energy in yourself, you access abundant energy.By doing it through breathing. Now, when I get in a stressful situation I can use my yoga breathing to calm myself down.

I am no yoga expert. I am just a person whose hips had begun to ache chronically before yoga and now that problem is gone! I feel mentally and physically strong again. I try to go to Yoga for about 1 hour + at least 4 days a week-but would be even better to go everyday. If you think it is for sissys’ try a class before you say that. It is physically demanding and builds incredible strength through isometric type of actions. I see every type of person in Yoga class- young, old,male,female, and it is a nurturing shared energy experience. It leads you to understand that the sound of the universe the” ohmmm” is not a sound at all, but a vibration. When you tune in to the vibration you see yourself as part of the “whole” as part of the vibration with your own special place on this planet. Why do you relate to some people and places better than others? Because they vibrate at a frequency and rate that attracts you. If you surround yourself with positive energy you begin to vibrate at a healthy rate and are attracting that energy back to you as well as giving out positive energy.

Yoga postures are patterned after animals with a deep philosophy that I want to learn more about. There are many different types of Yoga, but they all lead the same direction. When you are reminded that you are a creature of this earth and relate to it, you become enlightened about life. This helps every aspect of your life and those around you.

I was very lucky to find a studio with great instructors and I look forward every day to going into that enlightened space of love.In our modern world of technology-we forget who we are-yoga connects us back to ourselves and our source.  I now consider myself healthy again, body and mind giving the credit to my Yoga practice. LOVE and LIGHT!

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