Best Paying Medical Jobs

The medical industry is something that will always be in demand. The healthcare industry itself dominates the list of highest paid jobs in the United States. The cost of schooling is quite expensive. The schooling is also quite technical requiring the learning of a multitude of procedures, definitions, illnesses and ways to classify illnesses to pair them with the proper medication. With that being said, careers in the medical field are high paying given the technical and precise attributes of the jobs within the field.


This is one of the more technical positions in the medical industry. It requires a specific precision to know how much anesthetic to give a patient to keep them sedated for the length of the procedure and not much longer than that. Anesthesiologists earn average $232,000 USD per year.


Due to the precision and technique required for this career, it is the second highest paying medical job known. Surgeons average $230,000 USD per year in salary. It is a long road from the first day of medical school until performing an unassisted surgery, with many years of schooling in between, for a surgeon to earn this type of salary.

OB/GYN and Other Specialists

Specialists usually attend general medical school and branch off into a major shortly after. Specializing in a specific area of the medical field deems you as being an expert, capable of answering any question and treating any aspect of the condition. The average salary for specialists varies widely depending on the actual area of expertise topping out at $216,000 per year for an OB/GYN.


Pharmacists are responsible for properly dispensing quantities of medications prescribed by physicians. It is also their responsibility to know which drugs interact with specific ailments and other drugs. There are thousands of different medications, and a pharmacist must know what each one is, what it does and how it can affect the body. The average salary for a Pharmacist is $114,000 USD per year.  Not to mention you get to learn technology by using the automated pill counters.

The medical field will always have room for innovative doctors, surgeons and therapists. Perfecting new treatment options and less evasive procedures helps patients to have less recovery time and a less traumatic experience. These salaries are not expected to decrease at all in the near future. In fact, they are expected to escalate as technology and technique change. It is important to decide on a career in the medical field for the right reasons, which is helping people and treating their medical problems.

The Importance of Detox

People who are addicted to drugs often want to seek help for their problems. It’s not a good feeling, after all, to feel like you have no control over your actions or your life. Yet, most people know that there’s a detox process, and they’re unwilling to undergo the discomfort of that process. Although it sounds unpleasant, detox is a necessary component of breaking free of the damaging effects of drugs. If you’re trying to overcome an addiction, here’s what you need to know about detox and why it’s important to you.

What Does the Detox Process Do?

Detoxification (or detox) is the process that cleanses the body of the chemicals associated with the drugs you’re addicted to. It is done in a safe environment where withdrawal symptoms can be managed. Although it may like quitting cold turkey is the way to go, that can lead to serious problems, especially if you’ve been using drugs for a long time or in large quantities. Detox can’t remove all the discomfort associated with coming off drugs, but it can make the process much more comfortable and safe than going it alone.

Why Do I Need Support?

Drugs leave residual chemicals and toxins in the body for a short while after you stop using them. This contributes withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable and disconcerting to someone who is trying to quit. Withdrawal symptoms may include irritability, cravings, fatigue, anxiety and depression, so you can see why having a support team around you is often necessary to kick these bad habits. A detox center will provide you with staff to support you and your goal to get healthy by providing medications if necessary and emotional support in the form of individual and group therapy.

How Does Medical Detox Help?

When using drugs, your body forms a physical and chemical dependence on that drug. Detox improves your chances of success to get off those drugs and rid your body of its dependence. You’ll receive physical and psychological assessments to determine if you’re well enough to complete the program. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychologists and counselors will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan to give you the best chances for success. You’ll be in an environment that removes you from the situations and circumstances that tempt you to use drugs, giving you the best chance for success.

Detox is vital to your success when you want to reform yourself. With support, comfort and privacy, you can overcome the drugs you’re addicted to.

Lesser-known Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is used for a variety of benefits, depending on what each person is looking for. The most common reasons are weight loss and muscle tone. However, there are other benefits of exercise that aren’t as well known.


  • The formation of brain cells. Studies have shown that exercise stimulates the portion of the brain that controls learning and memory, causing the growth of new brain cells. Not only does memory improve, but cognitive skills are also improved. This is a great help for older adults who are experiencing loss of cognitive function and memory.


  •   Exercise fights diabetes. There is a particular protein molecule that aids the body in responding to insulin. This protein molecule increases with exercise, which means the body is better able to handle insulin, therefore fighting diabetes and reducing its risk.
  •  Fight depression. At least thirty minutes of exercise a day, three to five days a week has been proven in studies to fight the symptoms of depression. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, which can transmit through the brain into feelings of euphoria, or happiness. This is what happens when a person experiences what is called a “runner’s high” when prolonged exercise is accomplished. These endorphins also help to reduce feelings of stress and can even relieve pain!
  •  Live longer. People that lead less active lives have higher mortality rates. It has been shown that those who are more physically active live longer. The body is stronger and healthier, therefore able to perform better for longer. Since the body has leaner muscle and less fat volume, the heart is able to pump better and at a more efficient rate.The brain is therefore able to receive more of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive and to function properly, at the sufficient rate. Even the GI tract functions better because of exercise; the more active the body, the better the food and waste is able to move through the body. The longer either of those sits in the body, the higher the risk of things such as constipation and upset stomach. If you do not have any of those benefits, your lifespan could possibly be shortened.
  •  Exercise reduces the risk of cancer. Studies show that the risk of cancer lessens by up to 21% in people who are more physically active. The more active the person is, the less likely they are to be diagnosed with a variety of cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer. Even those who were not known to exercise in their younger years were able to reduce their risk by becoming more active, meaning it’s never too late to lower your own rate!
  •  Increase bone strength. Exercise particularly that has weight-bearing qualities, promotes bone growth. Bone growth makes bones stronger, which protects against osteoporosis and delays bone loss – all things people face in the aging process.

  •  Sleep better. This seems like a really logical benefit and one that everyone is aware of, but it is not often thought of right away when considering all beneficial factors in exercising. The more physically active an individual is, the wearier they are at the end of day, which translates into a better night’s sleep. It’s a great way to help fight insomnia.


Take the time to exercise at least three to five times a week. It is well worth your time. Not only will you whip your body in shape but you will improve your overall health.


Author Bio:


I’m Beth Waters and I would like to call myself a supermom, but I really think all moms have super capabilities. I am a writer for medical companies such as Liberty Medical and Carrots Over Cake. I have chosen to turn to live a healthy lifestyle fueled with exercise and nutrition, making fitness and health my specialty!


Natural Alternatives to Bug Spray

I have a wondering guest post on natural alternatives to bug spray. As we all know or can assume that breathing in all those harsh chemicals are not good for our health nor skin.


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Natural Alternatives to Bug Spray

The best part about summer is the great outdoors and all the fun things there are to do. Unfortunately, nothing can spoil the fun quite like biting insects. There are many kinds of products on the market to keep the flying pests at bay, but most of them have all kinds of chemicals in them that may cause problems of their own. The good news is that there are numerous, perfectly natural ways to ward off bugs without having to resort to chemical based commercial products.


Oil that is derived from the lemon eucalyptus tree is every bit as effective as the chemicals most often used in commercial repellents. The only drawback is that it is too strong to be used on small children. Oils from roses, lemongrass and basil also have a similar repellent effect, but are not as strong.

Stay Covered

One of the simplest and most effective ways to frustrate biting pests is to keep your skin covered with clothing. However, the clothes should not be too bright as that will actually attract insects. Stick to neutral colors. The only disadvantage to this technique is that in warm weather we usually prefer to wear less clothing, not more.

Use Plants

One underutilized form of bug repellent is plants. Growing certain species of plants in your garden such as horsemint, marigold and geraniums will actually drive away insects.


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Use Candles

Burning candles that contain citronella will give off an odor that is not unpleasant to humans but which insects despise. Just be careful where the candles are located so as not to pose a fire hazard.

Avoid Perfumes

Sometimes the things you don’t do is what helps keep bugs away. The sweet smell of perfume is very attractive to insects, so be sure not to wear any when you know you are going to an outdoor event. Otherwise, you may end up as the person at the party all the bugs are swarming around. Also, beware of what toiletries you use as these can often have a faintly sweet odor.


Image Source


As these tips show, you need not choose between enjoying the great outdoors and staying inside to avoid being eaten alive by bugs. Neither are you forced to buy products that contain toxic ingredients. Instead, just use these all-natural techniques to enjoy bug-free fun all summer.



Maya Rodgers is experienced as a mom, wife, pet owner, and pest control consultant for Terminix. She started a blog to share her expertise in extermination, pest control, pets, and family in order to help give the everyday homeowner personal expertise.

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Diet If You’re A Vegetarian

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Diet If You’re A Vegetarian

While vegetarians get to enjoy numerous health benefits, there are also some pitfalls to a vegetarian diet that may affect you if you do not make a special effort to prevent certain deficiencies. When your diet excludes meat, fish, milk and eggs, it is important to take special care to get certain vitamins and minerals from alternative sources. Here are our top five ways to improve your diet if you’re a vegetarian.


Supplement your diet with Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is commonly derived from eggs and milk, so vegetarians who do not consume eggs and milk will need to ensure they get enough from other sources. A Vitamin B12 deficiency can be serious, leading to anaemia, depression and fatigue. Vegetarians who do not consume eggs and milk or vegans will need to ensure that they take Vitamin B12 supplements or consume foods fortified with Vitamin B12, such as cereals.


Make sure you’re getting enough protein

Meat and eggs are a key source of protein, and vegetarians need to ensure they get sufficient protein by including in their diet protein-rich foods such as beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, avocado, broccoli and spinach. Protein is necessary for the building of muscles and for healthy nails, hair and skin, so it is crucial to ensure you’re getting enough.


Consume calcium rich foods

Don’t despair if your diet does not permit you to drink milk. Many soy, almond or rice milks are fortified with calcium. In addition, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale, okra and soy beans are also high in calcium and can help to prevent calcium deficiencies, which can result in osteoporosis.


Seek out alternative sources of Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are food fats that are necessary for healthy cells and have been linked to a lower risk of cancer. While fish such as salmon are great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, vegetarians who don’t eat fish can obtain Omega 3 fatty acids from other sources such as flaxseed oil and walnuts.

Eat larger quantities of foods containing iron

Iron is required for the formation of hemoglobin, the substance in blood that transports oxygen through the body. Women, in particular, need to ensure they do not become iron deficient. Non-vegetarians tend to get a lot of their iron from meat sources. While there are numerous natural sources of iron for vegetarians, the iron from these sources may not be as readily absorbed by the body as iron from meat. Hence, it is important to ensure you are eating adequate quantities of iron sources such as black beans, garbanzo beans, soy beans, broccoli and kale.


As a vegetarian, there are certain nutritional factors you need to consider that most omnivores don’t even think about. Make sure you’re benefiting as much as possible from your vegetarian diet by ensuring you do not become deficient in any of the above vitamins and minerals.

Romayne Warner is a full time self-employed blogging fanatic. Obsessed with finding small ways to save money every day, she enjoys sharing her frugal lifestyle tips and tricks with the world, she regularly writes about healthy living and health insurance related topics.

Do Your Lips Lie About Your Age?

Fine lines and wrinkles can appear way before you’re ready. Dermal fillers can stop them in their tracks, so to speak, with safe, inexpensive, and quick fine-tuning treatments.

Do Your Lips Lie About Your Age?

If you looked at just your lips in a magnifying mirror, what would they say about your age? Are they too thin? Do they have those deep, vertical, and highly visible lines known as smoker’s pucker? Wouldn’t you rather have smooth, plump lips that make a lipstick proud? What about your eyelids? Are they drooping? Do you find yourself becoming ever more dependent on your eyebrow pencil? Now look at your face as a whole. Dimples are cute—wrinkles and sunken cheeks are not. And as we age, there’s nothing funny about laugh lines.

 Now for some good news: All of these facial imperfections can be corrected … and usually, during your lunch hour! With dermal filler injections, the unwanted lines you see in the magnifying mirror can be softened or erased. “Volumizing” and “revitalizing” are the words most often used by clients who have had dermal fillers to describe the change in appearance they enjoy.

 Sometimes known by the nickname “liquid facelift,” dermal fillers don’t give you the frozen look often associated with certain plastic surgery techniques. Have you seen a picture of Joan Rivers lately? She is a poster child for the unnatural appearance often associated with plastic surgery. Even Joan’s daughter Melissa has tried to stage an intervention for her Mom’s plastic surgery habit.

Meg Ryan,

 Even Meg Ryan realized her previous plastic surgery forays were just too much and has since toned down her “fish face,” so dubbed by blunt caption writers and merciless women’s magazine editors. Café Mom agrees that America’s sweetheart from You’ve Got Mail “took a beautiful natural face and created a plumped up caricature of herself.” Though plastic surgery can create many beautiful results, sometimes, less really is more—especially when it comes to altering your face.

 The beauty of dermal fillers is that there are many different types to choose from depending upon the look you are trying to achieve.  Juvederm® and Voluma are among the most popular and widely used. Most dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar component the skin produces naturally but that decreases in production with age. Determining the right quantity of dermal fillers requires a skilled and knowledgeable professional to ensure that the procedure is safe and that the results are flattering.

Courtesy Marc (

 Men are getting in on a little dermal filler action, too. Last year at Christmas, many women gave their husbands the gift of Botox treatments, which inspired ABC News to term the trend “Bro-tox.” Last year, men accounted for more than 300,000 dermal filler procedures – a 10% increase from the prior year. Once again, just don’t go too far—if a cautionary tale is needed, just Google “Burt Reynolds plastic surgery.”

 All that being said, plastic surgery is a good and useful tool, and there are many reputable and skilled practitioners who do beautiful work. However, bear in mind that besides the risk of overdoing it, plastic surgery is also major surgery, which comes with a significant recovery time and the risks associated with any surgical procedure. Although dermal fillers are temporary—typically lasting from three to 12 months—so, too, is plastic surgery, which is why many women and men have multiple facelifts over their lifetime. Another perk of dermal fillers is that you don’t have to be a movie star to afford them.

 Think about it: Frown lines? Gone. Fine lines around your eyes? History! Want to look your best and increase your self-confidence? Set up a lunch date with your medical skin therapist for dermal filler injections.

About the Author:

Mia Liefso is a professional medical skin therapist and the owner of Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa in Bradford, Ontario.  She has certifications in IPL, LHE, laser and ultrasound technologies, as well as body contouring and medical facial peels. Her areas of special interest include difficult skin conditions—psoriasis, eczema, and acne—premature aging, and endocrinology. Mia’s passion lies in helping people love the skin they’re in.



Basic Yoga

I ask this question a lot, weather it has to do with your diet, exercise or anything health related.  Do you feel tired (mentally or physically)? Out of shape? Unhealthy? Well I will keep this simple and short. I am still learning just how beneficial yoga is for the body and mind.

As I have become stressed with my daily routine or just having a bad day. I lean towards yoga. When I feel mentally spent, I turn to yoga.  I feel as my health is very important, especially as I get older and having my first son but more importantly I feel it’s important to be mentally strong. I feel as if it turns everything off and lets me get in tuned with myself, and spiritually which is a big one for me. If I am not happy with myself how will I be the best mother and wife I know how to be?! It’s a simple answer; you need to make time to rejuvenate yourself. I feel so refreshed after my 20 minute yoga session.  Yes, I know that I am still young but it doesn’t matter what age you are you can do it. Start young or start later.

The benefits of yoga

  • –  Helps relief stress
  • –  Keeps you in shape
  • –  Healthier
  • –  Relief muscle pain
  • –  Strengthens
  • –  Tones

–  Severe Chronic pain (this one I have heard of. I cannot say it for myself but will be posting a video)

Yoga is an art, it takes time to learn but it’s meant to be relaxing not to stress you out because you can’t strike a pose or stretch like the instructor.  When you do yoga it should be in a quiet room with low light (if you want). Make the room smell pretty and relaxing, soft music if you’d like, I’d recommend it if it does not distract you.  The types of music I listen to is nature sounds; water, birds, ocean, meditation music, etc. I want you to remember though your main focus is breathing and feeling all the tension leave your body. You can buy yoga videos or you can you tube them. Once you get it down you will know what to do. I still prefer to watch someone. I am no expert at this as I am still learning but it’s great for the mind, body and soul.  I know I didn’t go into great detail but I just wanted to write a quick article on the basic. I may write another later as I get myself gets more into it. I am going to post a video that I found that is inspirational and might just show you how much yoga can influence your life.

How to get addiction help for Crystal Meth

Crystal methamphetamine is world’s most psychologically addictive drug. Because it is so cheap and easy to make, its use is rising in the United States dramatically. Unsurprisingly, so is crystal meth addiction. Like a con-artist, the drug fools its user into thinking that it provides benefits such as increased attention span and energy. But soon they find that these perks are a false promise. If you suspect yourself or a loved one to be suffering from crystal meth addiction, it’s important to know how and where to get help. It is also important to know the risk factors and signs.

Causes/Risk Factors

There are many different psychological factors that can influence a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted to crystal meth. One of these factors and the most common one is depression. People suffering from depression are at great risk for developing a dependency to drug or alcohol. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, they can receive help at a treatment center near you. At these places, they understand that depression and dependency are diseases that can be cured with hard work. Rehabilitation centers can use drugs, therapy, and other alternative treatments to help you never want to touch a drug again. It’s important to know some of the warning signs for crystal meth addiction so that you can contact one of these centers if you suspect a problem. If you notice any of the following, it may be time for you or the friend to take the first step towards recovery:

•Recurring exhaustion or tiredness
•Feelings of worthlessness
•Feelings of guilt or anxiousness
•Inability to focus without use of meth
•Lack of motivation in important areas of life
•Suicidal or depressive tendencies
•Sudden changes in mood or energy levels
•Emotional breakdowns or fits of rage for little to no reason
•Painful headaches
•Insomnia and general restlessness
•Lack of appetite
•Physical pain without external cause

Professional Treatment

Crystal Meth addiction rehabilitation centers have been proven to be successful when they are tailored to the complex needs of each client. No two addictions are alike because no two people are alike, and so no two treatments should be alike either. Seek rehab centers that not only understand this, but emphasize it. Look for the centers that offer individual one-on-one therapy or counseling. These programs will have licensed and professional physicians and psychologists, many of whom were once addicts themselves. Group therapy sessions are also common and provide the sense of community needed to power through your journey to recovery. So don’t wait, call a rehab center near you.

My Yoga Experience

This guest post is from a dearly close family member of mine who is a wonderful woman. We all go through things we wouldn’t expect. She tells you in a short, brief story what yoga has and is doing for her, Mentally and Physically. I hope this helps you and interest you into taking up yoga and living a more wholesome life. The great thing about yoga is it is for men, women all ages.


[noncount] 1: a system of exercises for mental and physical health
▪ She teaches yoga.▪ a yoga class/instructor

2:Yoga: a Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling the body and mind.


The dictionary definition of Yoga does not begin to explain what happens when you practice Yoga. I never realized the wealth and  benefits of Yoga until I had a serious illness and was unable to exercise for  a year. I had always been a gym person-(not that I particularly enjoyed the gym), but it kept me in good health over the years as I aged gracefully. I would have told you I was one of the healthiest 59 years old I know before my illness.

When I emerged from my medicated , deteriorated state, I knew I had to get back to exercise but did not want the harsh regime of gym machines. I joined a Yoga studio about 6 mos. Ago. I was very weak with no muscle tone and quite depressed as well.

The first thing that happens in Yoga class is that you bring yourself into the room by concentrating on your breathing. How often do you think about your breathing? It just happens on its own. In Yoga you Learn to breathe properly, which improves your health immediately. The other thing it does is helps you to focus on the present moment instead of worrying about what you did before class or what you are doing after. When you get connected to the energy in yourself, you access abundant energy.By doing it through breathing. Now, when I get in a stressful situation I can use my yoga breathing to calm myself down.

I am no yoga expert. I am just a person whose hips had begun to ache chronically before yoga and now that problem is gone! I feel mentally and physically strong again. I try to go to Yoga for about 1 hour + at least 4 days a week-but would be even better to go everyday. If you think it is for sissys’ try a class before you say that. It is physically demanding and builds incredible strength through isometric type of actions. I see every type of person in Yoga class- young, old,male,female, and it is a nurturing shared energy experience. It leads you to understand that the sound of the universe the” ohmmm” is not a sound at all, but a vibration. When you tune in to the vibration you see yourself as part of the “whole” as part of the vibration with your own special place on this planet. Why do you relate to some people and places better than others? Because they vibrate at a frequency and rate that attracts you. If you surround yourself with positive energy you begin to vibrate at a healthy rate and are attracting that energy back to you as well as giving out positive energy.

Yoga postures are patterned after animals with a deep philosophy that I want to learn more about. There are many different types of Yoga, but they all lead the same direction. When you are reminded that you are a creature of this earth and relate to it, you become enlightened about life. This helps every aspect of your life and those around you.

I was very lucky to find a studio with great instructors and I look forward every day to going into that enlightened space of love.In our modern world of technology-we forget who we are-yoga connects us back to ourselves and our source.  I now consider myself healthy again, body and mind giving the credit to my Yoga practice. LOVE and LIGHT!

Mind,Body and Soul

Your body is your temple or at least it is in my eyes.  To stay healthy not only do you need to be physical but also mental. We tell ourselves ”I need to workout” but yet we don’t. A boxer once said “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.’” – Muhammad Ali. Though some like to workout others find it hard, but once you get there you will feel the same way. A craving like chocolate. it’s hard to get motivated, especially when you don’t have the energy. I’ve already talked about eating Healthy, Gmos’ . Sleep, Water etc., but another big part is preparing yourself mentally. Ever hear of, “mind over matter”? Well that’s true. Your mind is a powerful thing and what you tell yourself  it will be. “If your mind tells your body to stop, you will stop. Train your mind first and enslave your body to it.”-unknown. This is a perfect saying your mind can control your body just like your actions. Another quote I love “How am I to know what I can achieve if I quit?” – Jason Bishop. This statement is so true. If you don’t try how will you ever know? “Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body.” – Lynn Jennings another great example. I just want everyone who reads this to keep all of this in mind. Your mind tells your body what to do. I know that some will say oh but I am so tired and my body hurts. I promise once you start eating healthy and preparing you mind that won’t be a problem. I will be writing another article about Yoga. Yoga  is another great exercise that is mental and physical, great for the mind, body and soul(spirit). Closing out this short article I want you to think about this. What does your mind, body and soul all have in common? What does one do for another and without any of these three things what would you have left?

I attached a few videos that is totally cool and shows you just how powerful our minds can be. Watch it, it’s fun and no harm.